Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Member,

Welcome to the University of Nebraska at Omaha!

We would like to personally welcome you to campus, and encourage you to participate in primary recruitment. UNO's campus is home to 4 amazing chapters, and recruitment will give you the opportunity to meet women from each chapter and find your best fit. Recruitment is a great way to get involved in an organization that will provide you with a variety of opportunities, lifelong friendships, and help you find your home away from home.

While there are many benefits for sorority membership, becoming a Sigma Kappa provides you with a lifelong sisterhood that is indescribable. Sigma Kappa is much more than a four-year commitment during your college years. Becoming a member of Sigma Kappa means joining on organization bigger than yourself--one in which women support, encourage, and promote the success of our members. Our bond continues to bring us together over the years to share experiences, serve others, and most importantly, have fun! With Sigma Kappa, college is the beginning of a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime.


Missed Formal Recruitment? No need to worry, our chapter is always looking to extend our membership to more sisters! We hold informal recruitment events each semester and there are many opportunities to find out what it means to be a Sigma Kappa.

Interested in primary recruitment?

Contact UNO CPC


Interested in learning more about Sigma Kappa?

Contact our President: Krystal Febus


From our current President:

Dear Potential New Members,

            My name is Krystal Febus and I am so lucky to serve as the President of Sigma Kappa at the University of Nebraska at Omaha! The women of Sigma Kappa are so excited to announce we will be participating in Continuous Open Bidding this spring, so we will be welcoming a new member class! We invite both current and future UNO Mavericks to participate. Sigma Kappa, Beta Omega is looking for members who take pride in our values; friendship, personal growth, service, and loyalty.


By joining Sigma Kappa, members become a part of an organization that truly cares for its members and their well-being. Sigma Kappa is not just a club or a group of women, but a united sisterhood that works together to better each other and all of our endeavors. Sigma Kappa has four values: personal growth, service, friendship, and loyalty. These values are ingrained in each of our members and we strive to live out those values every day. Sigma Kappa has strengthened all aspects of my life, including friendships, leadership development, academics, philanthropic commitment, and much more. I hope that you find a chapter that leads you to sincere and lifelong friendships, just like Sigma Kappa has for me.


Sigma Love and More,

Krystal Febus, President