Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Hello Parents! We are so excited and proud to have your daughters become our sisters. We know you have questions, so we're here to answer the most frequently asked ones!


  • Will my daughter's grades fall because she joined a sorority?

Absolutely not! In fact, statistics show that being involved on campus can actually lead to improving grades! Our Vice President of Scholarship is always available to help girls create paths to success when it comes to academics! All of our active members are required to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA. We as Sigma Kappas pride ourselves on our academic achievements and work very hard to maintain our grades, as well as helping our sisters maintain theirs. We have weekly monitored study hours to ensure that our members have the time they need to study and get support. 

  • Will my daughter be taken care of and safe?

Your daughter is now a member of our sisterhood, and we will make sure she feels safe and comfortable at all times!

  • I've heard the horror stories about members being hazed... will that happen to my daughter?

NO! We do not haze. Hazing is a terrible thing and we do not want to put your daughter in a situation that would be uncomfortable for her or that could hurt her in any way. We will do everything in our power to ensure a safe and fun environment for your daughter.

  • It costs money to be in a sorority... I don't know if my daughter or I can afford it.

Like most college organizations, our members pay dues to be a part of our sorority. However, the amount is incredibly manageable. Many of our sisters are able to pay their own dues while working a part-time job during the semester. Our Vice President of Finance is also able to work with our members in order to create payment plans!

  • What are the benefits of being in Sigma Kappa?

Being a Sigma Kappa offers limitless benefits. Sigma Kappa is a way to build lifelong relationships. Members have the opportunity to make friends within our chapter and our organization as a whole. Being in Sigma Kappa also offers plenty of leadership opportunities, giving your daughter the chance to grow as a woman, student, and leader. All of our sisters work together to give back to our five philanthropies, and our community. Sigma Kappa also helps foster professional relationships and can teach women many important life skills and lessons.

  • What is the time commitment?

‚ÄčBecoming a part of Greek life does require some time but it's nothing our sisters can't handle! We have mandatory chapter meetings every week as well as a few mandatory events throughout the semester such as our Ultraviolet Week and the Walk to End Alzheimer's. These events are planned far in advance and members are given plenty of notice to fit them into their schedules.